Boost your Business while Travelling

I am so thrilled by my first impressions here in Asia. New impressions – especially when traveling other countries – are food for your mind and soul! And so it is for us, as well as for our businesses:

Plus and minus is always minus – even in networking

Many believe that networking makes them stronger or is a shortcut to success. In general, I agree. But almost as many people forget that it needs two strong parties in different fields to gain synergies. It’s simple mathematics. Plus and minus is always minus – even in networking.

Digitalization requires a different kind of working.

But which are today’s and tomorrow’s success factors in sales? I’m introducing six of them in my new article, published in Germany’s „Vertriebszeitung“:

I'm excited to share the interview with Anouk Ellen Susan in her great podcast „UPGRADE yourself!“.

It was such a pleasure! We‘ve talking about so many different interesting and inspiring topics like methods for success, the right mindset for success, whom to call a great quality leader, new work, digitalization and so on. Follow the link and let us know, what you think on the topics we’ve been discussing:

The term "work-life-balance" is rather a buzzword than it mirrors reality.

But there’s no doubt that we need to keep our lives in balance to achieve inner and outer wealth as well as sustainable success. I’ve just been interviewed regarding this topic by

Those who didin't know yet: I'm an insider – at least on XING.

From now on you’ll regularly find German articles and insights on my core topic "business spirit" on this platform. Who isn’t a part of my network yet? Now is the time:

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